Upscale Coastal/Farmhouse Chic Dining

Upscale Coastal/Farmhouse Chic Dining

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This lovely dining room is a combination of a table I created from new and old table parts. The top was from an antique table someone tried to fix and ruined in the process, so I took this beautiful top off of the old apron and legs and “married” it to a loverly ornate base salvaged from another disaster...beautiful! I was lucky enough to have a client who saw the beauty and liked the rusticated top.

Annmarie then chose this color combination and process for the chairs. I would never have thought to choose this brown on brown/black but I am so glad she did! It turned out classic and beautiful. The process of painting and waxing the fabric was new to me and was definitely a learning process. I really like the way it turned out and look forward to seeing how it holds up over time. It was not cheap to do, however. The research I did before starting did not enlighten me on how expensive it would be in the end due to the amount of paint and wax it took to do these chairs, but the look on my client’s face when she saw them with the table was worth it. 

Also shown are a couple other pieces she picked out and placed around her beautiful home. 

Thanks to all my wonderful clients!