Hello again everyone! For those who have been my clients over the years I'll simply send my heartfelt thanks.  You, my clients, make all the long hours worthwhile! It is your support that has kept me working all this time, helped me grow, and held me up when I got tired.  Without you there would be no beautiful furniture... no heart to the business.

For those who are stopping by for the first time either out of curiosity or to shop, welcome...welcome...welcome! I started painting furniture in 2011 and have continued to add clients & friends over the passing years.I primarily use chalk paints and a high grade furniture wax.  The beautiful blue/green buffet featured on my Boutique's Home Page was actually painted three years prior to that picture being taken, and it shows no wear! I've seen where people doubt the quality & durability of chalk paint, and some say only oil-based products are really professional, but that simply isn't true. Everyone has their niche and that naturally lends itself to bias. I can assure you I would not use chalk paint if I worried it is a bad product. The correct use of a product dictates how well it lasts and not all chalk paints are created equal.  I don't skimp on time, preparation, or the quality of my paint. I also take the time to finish everything by hand from start to finish so that you are truly getting a custom, hand-finished, and unique product every time. 

I am creating pieces to be used, cherished, and passed down through the generations.What could be better than a beautiful piece of highly functional art?!?